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Leveraging Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) To Accelerate Payments of Medicaid Claims

Is your current Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) software providing all that is needed to get your claims paid completely, timely and with the fastest turnaround time available to maintain cash flow? What does that model look like?

Is your Homecare agency maintaining the compliance metrics set by your State to avoid penalties or license suspensions for non compliance? Would it be helpful to have an aggregator that shows your compliance %?

Carehandler, an Electronic Visit Verification compliant homecare software, knows that Medicaid billing can be a major challenge for homecare agencies. Despite providing vital home care services to patients in need, these agencies often struggle to navigate the complex and constantly changing rules and regulations surrounding Medicaid reimbursement and most recently EVV.

Carehandler, recognizes additional challenges facing homecare agencies, that is the need to follow strict documentation requirements. In addition to the Electronic Visit Verification requirements, Medicaid billing often requires extensive documentation to prove that home care services were provided, and that they were medically necessary. This can be difficult for homecare agencies, especially those that rely on a mobile workforce to provide in home care to patients.

Ensuring that all necessary documentation is completed accurately and in a timely manner can be a major challenge for these homecare agencies.

Most homecare agencies have limited resources for managing their Medicaid billing and reimbursement processes. They may not have the technology, staff, or training to efficiently manage the complicated billing and reimbursement procedures required by  Medicaid. This can result in delays in receiving payment, errors in
submissions, and lost revenue for the homecare agency.

Despite the Medicaid billing challenges that are significant for in home care agencies, using Carehandler will allow the home care agency more time to stay apprised of complex regulations, adhere to strict documentation requirements, and fully automating the billing and payment process. This fully “hands free” approach to compliance and billing allows the homecare agency more time to focus on other tasks such as recruiting and networking.

In conclusion, if your personal home care services agency is experiencing any of these complexities, Carehandler can solve your concerns. The Carehandler team specializes in streamlining systems, by assisting your home care agency with process improvement strategies and a homecare software that works specifically for your homecare agency.

Carehandler offers full-service features, including but not limited to:

  • Electronic Care Plan & Charting
  • Automated Billing with AR Management
  • Payroll Export & Reporting
  • EVV Compliance Aggregator
  • Real Time Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Reporting
  • Employee & Participant Manager
  • Scheduling Manager – Visits Manager
  • Participant & Family Portal (Coming Soon)
  • Caregiver & Admin Mobile App
  • Quality Assurance/Audit Management

Carehandler is proud to stand with and support homecare agencies efforts in overcoming the operational challenges of the day-to-day business along with the challenges of Medicaid billing.

Idaho Medicaid

New Idaho Medicaid Rates Starting this July!

New Idaho Medicaid Rates Starting this July!

Here it is! The moment we’ve been waiting for!

Our team was able to find what the new Idaho Medicaid Rate increases will be starting this July!

If your agency needs any help understanding how this new rates work and how to fix your billing – do not hesitate to reach out to the Carehandler team!

Click here to view the new rates!

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