Quality training for your agency

Our training and onboarding is built around getting you and your agency prepared to be Carehandler experts! We have created an onboarding process that will leave you and your team feeling ready to use our software. We also have created training videos you and your team can refer back too.

Easy to use scheduling feature

Our scheduling feature is one of our our most important features. Carehandler allows the homecare agency multiple scenarios for scheduling caregivers and only allows compliant caregivers to be scheduled for work. The compliance parameters are defined by each homecare agency.

Quality Assurance
Efficiently manage all documents

Client, employee, and company documentation can be difficult to manage. With Carehandler, you can upload and maintain all key documents related to both clients and caregivers. This feature as well as the Notes Manager and Carelog's that are generated from the caregiver app will provide every agency to be prepared for an audit.

Notes Manager
Document, manage and share all notes with ease!

Demonstrate a flow of documentation when it comes to human resources, payroll, scheduling, compliance or general communication. This allows for easy access for all administrators and is key for Quality Assurance purposes and when preparing for an audit

Employee Management
Manage your employee compliance with ease

Managing an employee database is a lot of work. With Carehandler you can upload all employee documents, track expiring credentials, education requirements, monitor cancelled shifts and attendance, manage notes and much more! Your team will love working inside Carehandler! Never have an employee become non compliant again!

See real time reports fast

Within each module in Carehandler, there are options to export various elements of data. In addition to this, Carehandler has recently implemented an aggregator calculator to determine your individual agency compliance metrics are being met. From the dashboard, you can also gather claims, payroll and visit status reports. Additional reporting features are available, payroll, missed schedules,, sales revenue, and expiring credentials, to name a few.

We are here for you

Our team is available to assist at anytime. Reach out to our tech support at 208.495.4115 or email us at info@carehandler.com. Carehandler has a team of professionals available to support your agency with technical or operational needs.

Patient Management
Keep track of all patient data

Carehandler provides a user friendly way to keep track of all patient data whether its insurance information, authorizations, careplans, emergency contacts or other support systems. Carehandler is HIPAA certified, securing and tracking patient data has never been easier.

Claim Submission
Timely filing means timely payments

Our team has partnered with one of the most reputable clearinghouse's in the industry, Change Healthcare. Our partnership enables us to submit claims automatically, with minimal effort! Claims are submitted on a weekly basis, prior to the deadline and payments are processed the same week.

EVV Mandate = Covered

Carehandler not only captures the 6 data points to meet government guidelines, but also captures the tasks completed, the time spent doing the tasks, the signatures of both client and caregiver, as well as progress notes and reasons for any denied services. In addition to this, Carehandler has an aggregator compliance calculator that will show each day the agency's compliance rating. Carehandler has the agency prepared for an audit at any time with all data collected and stored in a secure enviroment.

Notifications Alerts
Notify employees fast

Notifications are a great way to get ahold of your team. Quickly send and receive notifications from the web or mobile app. This is our way to help you save time and energy in getting ahold of your team.

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