Quality training for your agency

Our training and onboarding is built around getting you and your agency Carehandler experts! We have created an onboarding process that will leave you and your team feeling ready to use our software. We also have created training videos you and your team can refer back too.

Easy to use scheduling feature

Our scheduling feature is our most important part of our software. It was built with PCS agencies in mind, so your team can quickly schedule a patient and assign it to a caregiver. It has never been easier to get a schedule made!

Document Management
Efficiently manage all your docs

Patient, employee, and company documentation can be difficult to manage. With Carehandler, you can input all your documents as for quick access to anything!

Notes Manager
Store all call notes with ease!

Keep all documents like calls, texts, emails, or conversations stored in case of any audit, or Q&A purpose. We want to help your team store all documentation the right way. Let us know how we can help by contacting our team today!

Employee Management
Manage your employee docs with ease

Managing an employee database is a lot of work. With Carehandler you can import all employee documents while also sending reminders, tracking time, federal documents & much much more! Your team will love working inside Carehandler! Never lose employee documentation again!

WorkBook Management
Quickly create patient workbooks

Our workbook management feature allows your billing team to easily create a patient workbook. We’ve outlined it, so all you have to do is fill in the blanks! No more wasting time on imputing data!

See real time reports fast

Our reporting feature allows you to see items from, cost per head, employee time, run payroll, view missed schedules, missing docs, and so much more! Quickly find your bottlenecks with our reporting feature!

We are here for you

Our team has built a way for your agency to get a hold of our team quickly to resolve any issues coming up. Carehandler has your best interest in heart and is here to help with anything!

Patient Management
Keep track of all patient data

Carehandler provides a user friendly way to keep track of all patient data whether its insurance or federal documentation. We are HIPAA certified, so all your patient data will be secure. Imputing patient data has never been easier with Carehandler!

Insurance Submission
Receive payments fast

Our team has partnered with the best in the industry so that your team can quickly submit workbooks and time to your local insurance companies. You will be able to receive payment quicker which means cashflow increases!

EVV Mandate = Covered

We are built with the EVV mandate in mind, so all states using Carehandler can efficiently report all items to their local and federal government agencies. There is no need to fear the new EVV mandate with Carehandler!

Notifications Alerts
Notify employees fast

Notifications are a great way to get ahold of your team. Quickly send and receive notifications from the web or mobile app. This is our way to help you save time and energy in getting ahold of your team.

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