Learning about Carehandler

Carehandler has 3 different pricing tiers. Free, Basic, and EVV add on. You can learn more about what features are included in each tier, but to inform you on price the yearly fee is $3,069 and if your agency is using our EVV platform, Carehandler charges $1.5 per patient. That way, we help you scale as an agency with each of your patients!

Our features include employee and patient management, scheduling, EVV, reporting, notifications, training, caregiver training, mobile app, marketplace, financial reporting and integrations, Carehandler Marketplace, and so much more! Contact our team at info@carehandler.com for more info!

Our team is quick to get you signed up and trained on our software. On average it takes about 5-7 business days to get an agency onboarded and trained with our software. We do our best to get your team on with our software ASAP! We have training videos that you can use at any time if you get stuck!
We are planning on implementing EVV mandates into our system for each state! We will be following each state’s guidelines in regards to the EVV. We are currently in Idaho.
We pride ourselves in helping PCS agencies of all sizes grow and scale their business. A software shouldn’t cost agencies thousands of dollars each month. Carehandler is a user friendly software that is centered around the most important parts of the PCS industry.
We do have social media! We are on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn!
Our platform is like a CRM, but there are features a CRM has that our software does not. Like sending emails, creating newsletters, etc. It is a platform based on keeping patient and employee data secure while meeting state guidelines!

Carehandler and the EVV

We are currently in Idaho. We are planning on being in all 50 states in the near future!

Yes, we are compatible with Sandata and other state aggregators.

Right now all EVV items are captured using our mobile app or desktop app. It is available on all smart devices.

Yes! Carehandler can handle all of that for the agency! Just let us know you need that feature turned on!
Yes! Right now we are in English and Spanish. If you need other languages, please contact our team!
Yes! All updates are instant to all users that are in service and have recently updated the app or desktop.
Yes! There is a print option on almost every page 🙂
Yes! Our system will send alerts depending on what alerts are turned on and off!
Our system is customizable. Our team will customize certain aspects depending on each agency’s needs.
Yes, we are HIPAA compliant and go above and beyond to ensure your data is secure!
Yes, our system works offline as well. It saves the data in offline mode and when the user is back in service the system will automatically update!
The system will allow the administrators to view all content and notes from the admin portal. Caregivers can see notes added in to their assigned clients.
Yes, our system will ask for an explanation as to why a service or task was not completed. This will allow admins and the state to be up to date.
Yes, Carehandler has a very user-friendly scheduling platform! Schedule a demo or sign up today!
The mobile app will verify the caregiver is at the shift with geolocation. The mobile app will allow the caregiver to clock in and clock out and mark off tasks as they are completed. Patient signature is only required on patients that require a signature. This signature can be done via Bluetooth or actually signing off.

Thank you for Subscribing