Learning about Carehandler

Carehandler has 3 different pricing tiers.

  • Basic
  • Payroll
  • Automated Billing

All tiers include EVV and price varies depending on number of participants within your agency. You can learn more about the details of each tier by scheduling a free no obligation remote demo today! 

Our features include:

  • Electronic Care Plan & Charting
  • Employee & Participant Profile Management
  • Scheduling Manager
  • EVV & Visits Manager
  • Payroll Exporting & Reporting
  • Automated Billing with AR Management
  • Caregiver & Admin Mobil App
  • Quality Assurance/Audit Management
  • Real Time Key Performance Indicators Reporting
  • and so much more!

Contact our team at info@carehandler.com for more info! 

Our team is quick to get you signed up and trained on our software. Our implementation timeline is dependent on the size of your specific agency, the number of users and the tier of our software that you choose.

We have a full team with different area’s of specialty that provide guidance and support throughout the entire setup/implementation process.  Our goal is to have you onboarded as quickly as possible with complete confidence in our software. We are with you every step of the way. In addition to our scheduled implementation process, we have training videos available for your use, at any time. 

We can be reached either of the following ways: 

Phone 208.495.4115

Email info@carehandler.com

We are a National EVV Provider, and work with various States and Aggregators. State specifics change regularly, if you’re interested in knowing about a specific State, please contact our office. 

We pride ourselves in empowering our customers of all sizes to grow and scale their business. Carehandler is a user friendly software that is centered around the most important needs of the PCS industry. In addition to offering our expert team of software guidance, we also offer a team of Homecare Specialists to ensure that our customers not only are compliant with EVV, but are compliant in all areas of their agency operations. 

We have a panel of experts who specialize in Quality Assurance/Workers Compensation (Safety Programs), Policies & Procedures, Nursing Oversight, Care Plan Development, Human Resources, Payroll & Billing, Sales & Marketing and Recruiting.  Our team is available to guide you every step of the way, through any crisis, audit or just day to day operations! Reach out today to learn more about our services. 

We do have social media! We are on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn!

Our platform includes a component that has some features of a CRM, like logging calls for marketing efforts and being able to generate a report against that activity.  Carehandler was designed to keep participant and employee data secure, yet still allow the Agency to manage day to day operations with respect to marketing and phone call activity, thus eliminating the need for a CRM platform. 

Carehandler and the EVV

To be compliant, Carehandler captures and validates six (6) data elements for each visit:

1. Type of service performed

2. Individual receiving the service

3. Date of service

4. Location of service delivery

5. Individual providing the service

6. Time the service begins and ends

Right now all EVV elements are captured using our mobile app or desktop app. It is available on all smart devices.

Carehandler does have electronic care plans that capture signatures. These careplans are viewable in both the Carehandler Desktop and Carehandler App. You may also store pdf versions of Care plans and any other pdf documents in Carehandler, under the participant or Employee profile page. 

Carehandler has many languages and features that are in development. Please check with your Carehandler representative for your specific language interest. 

Since Carehandler is a web based software, any additions or changes to any data are recorded and viewable to the end user immediately. 

To be compliant, Carehandler captures and validates six (6) data elements for each visit:

1. Type of service performed

2. Individual receiving the service

3. Date of service

4. Location of service delivery

5. Individual providing the service

6. Time the service begins and ends

Yes! There is a print option on almost every page

Carehandler offers many alert options. These are customized at set up, and can be changed whenever needed, to best fit your business needs. 

Carehandler is user friendly and allows customization for your specific needs. Our team will customize certain aspects of the software during our implementation/set up period. Going forward, most customizing or changing can be done at the administrator level. 

Carehandler is HIPAA compliant. Our software and system checks go above and beyond to ensure your data is secure!

Yes, our system works offline as well. It saves the data in offline mode and when the user is back in service the system will automatically update! This process will log the visit as a manual entry. Our recommendation for areas without WIFI would be to utilize our Telephony feature and document tasks/notes on a timesheet and use that as documentation submission. 

Carehandler will allow administrators to view all content and notes from the admin portal. 

Denials for any task not completed are required, in addition to a daily progress note. 

Yes, Carehandler has a very user-friendly scheduling module! The scheduling features allow for schedules to be created one time, or to repeat on specific days, for a specific length of time. In addition to the user friendliness of our scheduling module, Carehandler also allows for caregivers to utilize our Unscheduled Visits feature.  Learn more about this feature by scheduling a demo today!

Using the Carehandler App, the caregiver will mark off tasks completed at the conclusion of their shift. They will also note as to tasks not completed and the reason why. In addition to this, they are required to put a progress note regarding their shift based on the participants feedback. Clients will sign the app/visit upon all documentation and notes being completed. 

Thank you for Subscribing