Unscheduled Visits Feature!

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This new feature is totally optional, meaning your agency does not have to choose to use it. Unscheduled visits allow a caregiver that may work with a family member or live in the home the ability to clock in/out for a section service code based on their availability. This is also something that the administration has to do first, so it is 100% up to you!

Make sure to add service codes for the caregiver for the month and/or remove any appointments for the future if you are going to make an unscheduled appointment for a new participant!

You can search/find the unscheduled visits in the visit’s section by going to the visits filter, and select “unscheduled”. You approve and edit the same as before.

In the scheduling part, you will see that there is a section you can view unscheduled appointments. It shows how many units are left for that code for that client. It organizes it by client instead of date because an unscheduled visit can span a long period of time.

The Caregivers will access this feature in the app under “unscheduled appointments” they can simply select the service code they want to work or view how much time is left on a code, and then clock in and out the same as before.

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