6 Interview Strategies for Hiring the Best Long-Term Caregivers

According to the 2021 Annual Benchmarking Study, while 47% of all interviewees were hired as caregivers, turnover rate remained at 65%. A new hire may give your agency a quick win, but it’s clear the existing interview process isn’t identifying dependable, long-term caregivers, and it’s hurting your business. It is costing your agency an average of $2,600 per caregiver—and the headache of replacing over half your employees each year.

Why are good quality applicants making it past the interview but not past one year of employment?

74% of employers believe their biggest recruiting challenge is the lack of qualified candidates to choose from, but 31.4% of workers in the U.S. voluntarily left their job from September 2020 to September 2021. Qualified candidates are ready and available; you just need to know your audience.

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